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Alarulin: Keepers Trilogy


Status: Available Now
Pages: 360
Chapters: 26
Latest Chapter: Appendix I
The Third Era has only just begun, yet the aftermath of the reckoning one year prior still haunts the mythical land of Alarulin. As a sinister plot to unravel the secrets of magic unfolds, the realms future hinges on the border between reality and one young lady's dream.
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Status: In Progress
Pages: 444
Chapters: 22
Latest Chapter: Appendix II
The time for the young royals of Fendra to inherit the throne fast approaches, but as the would-be rulers stumble and stagger to fill the shoes of their ancestors, the kingdom is threatened by an unrest wrought by the future of the magic they so depend upon.
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Status: In Progress
Pages: 0
Chapters: 0
Latest Chapter: N/A
As all creation threatens to collapse, men and women throughout the Circle raise their hands in prayer to their gods. Peasants and nobles, the meek and the grand... the end of the Sixth Circle is at hand.
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The Whispers of Realms - Vol. 1

Child of Fire

Status: In Progress
Pages: 99
Chapters: 5
Latest Chapter: Heart of Magic
Alaria Ralbar has dreamed of the day she would join her father's side in ruling his great empire, but when those living under her father begin to express distaste in the regime, Alaria is faced with a struggle between family, faith, and justice.
Last updated 2022-10-20 16:15:36

The Reckoning

Status: In Progress
Pages: 234
Chapters: 15
Latest Chapter: Knife's Edge
The realm of Muurin is running out of time. As the fabric of magic slowly unravels, a King wrought with grief must lead his people to a new and unusual land. Caught between two conflicting forces, Mennic of Alniacht must play his cards right if he is to ensure his people's survival.
Last updated 2022-10-20 16:15:33

Prince of Hearts

Status: Unwritten
Pages: 0
Chapters: 0
Latest Chapter: N/A
Prince Endalef - rightful heir to the throne of Alniacht - has been rescued from the dying realm of Muurin. And yet, thrust into an unfamiliar world and without a kingdom to rule, this young, unfettered boy must identify his role in a conflict started by his late father.
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