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Aelin Lanra - Alarulin


Aelin is calm, but upbeat. He goes through life trying to spread happiness, but he knows all too well that there is darkness in the world. He is usually open and friendly to others, and will stand up for strangers if they're in trouble. When he’s in battle he is cold and unrelenting. He attacks with barrages of magical force in tactical strikes to knock opponents off balance, and shows little mercy to anyone who attacks him. He especially dislikes traitors, and anyone who betrays him or someone he knows best be careful.


He lived in a small town, born to his half-Risilve mother, Aulea, and human father, Haelding Lanra. His grandmother on his mother’s side, and True Risilve ancestor, Erestael, was already dead at the time of his birth, having survived Harmony’s onslaught against the Risilve, but struck down by illness. His family went by his father’s last name, Lanra, to avoid him and his mother being found out as Half-Risilve. His parents were actually quite wealthy, but they disguised this and lived as simple merchants. They taught him nearly everything he knows, and for many years they lived quietly, travelling from town to town. However, when he was 15 his mother was attacked by villagers in the small town they were stopped who had found out she was half-Risilve. Aelin watched as his mother was ran through with pitchforks, and heeding her final words, fled to the forest where he wandered for several days, until running into Adelor. Upon meeting Adelor and gaining his friendship, his life got a bit better. He was able to recover his mother’s body and give her a proper burial, and make peace with her passing somewhat. He said a quick goodbye to his father, and set out on the road so that his own Half-Risilve nature wouldn’t bring his father any more greif. Ever since he has been travelling the roads like he used to, but with Adelor at his side rather than his family. They are close friends and have developed a bond almost like that of siblings.


He is quite skilled in Reach magic, far more so than most. He isn’t particularly good at Matter magic, but is, again, beyond most as he is able to destroy small objects with his magic and crack larger ones. However, this is quite difficult and lays a heavy strain on his body. He is proficient in most other forms of magic beyond his affinity, though obviously he is not nearly as capable with them as he is with Reach magic. His Aspect is the self-named Golemancy; Aelin can telekinetically grab debris or lose items from the vicinity and put them in a large, hulking humanoid shape forming a Golem. Aelin must focus heavily to keep the Golem animated. He’s still able to move his own body, as well as hear and respond to things, but he cannot move with much speed or dexterity while concentrating on the Golem. He can usually only form one Golem at a time, but he has managed to control two Golems in an extreme situation.

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Aelin Lanra



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