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Filera Aberdon Eranor - Alarulin


Quiet, shy, and reserved are the first words that come to mind when people first encounter Filera. Despite this, within her heart she harbors a joyful and carefree nature, being highly expressive around those she is comfortable with. That being said, anyone wanting to enter her friend circle will find such a task remarkably easy, as she is dangerously quick to trust those who are friendly towards her. She has very low self-esteem, ever concerned about her frowned-upon heritage, only strengthened by her tribe-given label as "The Red-Haired Fihule"; a genetic trait caused by her mother being a Ket, and her father being a Fihule.


Filera was born and raised alone with her family, deep within the woods where her parents had effectively retired. Surrounded by only her brother, parents, and the forest, she rarely met other people except on rare occasions. The second born in the family, she is constantly protected (overprotected) by her 15 year old brother Elkin. In her household, everyone does their share of the work, and she believes strongly in this, but doesn’t speak up when she feels this balance is upset; rather shows discomfort or becomes quiet. She grew hearing stories from her mother, about the adventures of a young lady named Firefly. As a result she loves fantastical yet thoughtful stories, of heroes helping others and righteous virtue. In her household, her job was to fetch water from the nearby river, and gather herbs for natural remedies that her mother would put together. As a result she developed a huge and comprehensive knowledge of the plant life in the area, and her mother taught her much about these herbs and remedies.


While her affinity is not yet developed when she is introduced in Alarulin: Legends, her natural understanding of healing techniques learned from her parents gave her an advantage and set her up to adopt the physical: restoration affinity. Her overall magical skill is quite low; well below your average human and certainly below most Fihule, however she makes up for this with her wisdom and knowledge of how the healing process works, allowing her to excel in restoration. She will occasionally use simple, traditional forms of magic, such as small-scale reach and heat types, but prefers to stick to her natural instincts and intellect.

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Filera Aberdon Eranor

9 (Descendants)
11 (Remnants)
12 (Atonement)
13 (Reckoning)
14 (Dreamers)


Physical: Restoration

Elna Kindranor (Mother)
Anfel Eramin (Father)
Elkin Eranor (Brother)
Hivoria Urranda (Best Friend)

Skill Level:
Magic (All):
Magic (Affinity):