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Myla Laoise Tarkanor - Alarulin


Myla, for the most part, is firey, impulsive, and blunt, her emotions tend to control her more than she can control them. Around those she trusts and loves; she is upbeat, empathetic, rowdy, passionate, and adventurous. She cares more for her friends then she does for herself and would gladly give her life for those whom she trusts. On the other hand, around those she does not know or trust; she is cold, aggressive, impatient, and overcritical. Until she understands that she can trust new people, she will rarely help them. Myla also has a soft spot for animals, although she does have to kill for food and such, if she gets emotionally attached to an animal, she will defend it with her life.


She was born in a mountain village apart of the Tarkanor tribe to two loving parents and an older brother, her parents had a deep hatred for magic as both her parent's families were killed by magic users. Her parents trained her from a young age in the art of hand to hand combat due to her excessive amount of energy, and capability to move quickly on her feet. When she was 11, a day came that completely changed the course of her life, while on her way to buy food for her family she met a magic-using scholar. He immediately saw her potential for sensory magic because of her explosive emotions and her immense empathy from just how she talked to the vendor. The magic user spoke to her while he could and they quickly became friends. Over time, he told her that he was a magic user and told her the potential that laid inside her and offered her the chance to change her life by learning magic. She took many days to decide as she was extremely conflicted, she would most likely be shunned by her family and thrown on the streets if they found out. Finally, she accepted his offer, and she became an incredible prodigy. For the past 2 years, she trained in secret with her teacher and eventually, she could use Submissive magic with skill beyond even what her teacher could do. When she was 13, on a stormy evening, she was practicing her magic near her house and accidentally read her father's emotions. She felt malice, and wrath coming off of him and she was terrified, curious why her father was feeling this way, she eavesdropped on him. To her horror, she heard him talking to himself about a plan he had to kill the entire village, including his wife and children. She was grief-stricken and confused about why her father was planning this, but she knew that she could prevent it. She ran to her teacher, crying and shaking, and slowly she told him everything. She then told him what she thought she could do to save the village, he agreed but he offered to help her. She collected herself and declined, saying that this was something she had to do. She was deeply attached to her family and so just the thought of killing her father disturbed her to the core. Somehow, she gathered up the courage and later that night, while her parents were asleep, with the knife that belonged to her brother, killed her father. Crying, she left a goodbye note for her mother and older brother which also explained why her father was dead, took her brothers knife and then she left the village, she now lives with her teacher, traveling along the land.


Due to her personality, Myla's main magic tends to be Sensory, Submissive. Although she can use dominant, she prefers to use Submissve due to the numerous uses it holds. She performs her magic constantly without even realizing as it has become a part of normal life for her. Her extreme skill in sensory goes beyond what most can consider for practices in Submissive so she shows unique applications for the affinity since she began training. Hence her personal battle tactics, special connections to her pets and different hunting techniques.

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Myla Laoise Tarkanor



Spacial: Heat

Layton Osborne (Teacher) Arto Tarknanor (Father) Brionna Tarkanor (Mother) Salem Tarkanor (Older Brother)

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