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The Circle

General Lore

The realm of Alarulin is but one of three realms within the Sixth Circle, however despite this, it plays host to an extensive history and mythos. Some basics will be covered in this section.

Races and People

Alarulin plays host to several language-intelligent races. Here, these will be explored. Please note that any unique creatures incapable of language are excluded from this list.

Primary Races

The primary races are common enough to be considered “abundant” in many regions.

Mankind is humanity as we know it on Earth. They have an average amount of potential in magic, and are often known for their ingenuity, perseverance, and versatility. They are most present in the Kingdom of Fendra, a direct neighbor to the Highlands and the central kingdom of the western continent.
The Fihule (or just Fi) are a smaller humanoid race with deer-like features. They have above-average potential in magic, and are often known for being passionate, creative, and curious.

Their noses bear resemblance to a deer, and as they grow up - depending on their attunement with magic - they may inherit further deer features, such as antlers, fluffy ears, and even a tail. They often possess light or pale hair, though this is not a dominant trait and is often overruled by other hair colours.
The Kets are a taller humanoid race with bird-like features. They have below-average potential in magic, and are often known for their trades, wit, and ambition.

They often have vibrant, brightly coloured eyes, and have feathers on or around their head, typically around the ears. Their hair is often a shade of red, ranging from standards like orange to pinks and purples. They are inspired in part by the first nations of the Pacific and wear hides, feathers and beads.

Secondary Races

Secondary races are uncommon and are typically restricted to either one region or are almost never seen to begin with.

The Risilve are humanoid beings created by Harmony to watch over the realm in the first era. They boast highly potent magic including a unique specialty called an "aspect". They are capable of living hundreds of years. In modern days, they are nearly extinct. (More under "History")

Risilve are considered fair and beautiful, their skin without blemish. Of all the races, Risilve have the widest range of eye-colours, and these colours tend to glow or even change drastically when they utilize their aspect.
The Malnix are entirely composed of fire and embers and can take on many forms, typically imitating creatures they have encountered. They are only present in the Tellimar Forest of the Red North, and thrive in hot environments.

The Malnix were created by The Chimera as a part of his ongoing efforts to oppose peace and stir up trouble in the realm. They claimed and consumed the Tellimar during their attempt to lay waste to the budding kingdom of Fendra, but were stopped by Queen Alaria and The Phoenix.
The Neavin - also known as Star Children - are a humanoid race with pale skin and white eyes that embody the stars and follow the moon. They possess incredibly potent magic but are known to be entirely passive. They occasionally visit the surface in disguise out of curiosity, with the people of Alarulin none the wiser.

The name “Star Children” is derived from the ceasing of their growth. Neavin do not physically grow beyond the age of ~14 years old so long as they reside in the heavens. Neavin who come to the surface are known to age, but slowly. However, the magic within their bodies cannot be replenished so long as they are away from the heavens, and will eventually die if they do not return.


The stories of Alarulin take place on a landmass known as the Dawnlands, named after where known recorded history began. It was here that Harmony took her first steps, and here that the people of Alarulin first walked the earth.

The Dawnlands are divided by a great valley, lined with mountains to the west and east. Once, this valley was known as the Valley of Magic. This valley was where Harmony was born, and where Truth first blessed the realm with his magic in the Dormant Years. Since the end of the First Era, the valley has gone by a new and haunting title - The RevrianRev-ree-anValley - off of he who drained and corrupted the beauty of Alarulin's birthplace.

To the west lies the continent of Ildareth Ill-dah-reth, a land troubled by the sins of its predecessors. While the northern lands were once just as vibrant as the Valley of Magic, the arrival of the Malnix left the land scorched and molten. An enchanted barrier was erected to separate the invading Malnix from the yet protected southern half of the continent, which is now occupied by the highland tribes and the dominant Kingdom of Fendra.

To the east lies the continent of Evareth Ey-vah-reth, a land further divided by lush forests and lowlands to the north and mighty mountains and frigid tundras to the south. It is here that the Fihule and Ket first settled in the First Era, establishing the Kingdom of Shalief in the glimmering woods, and the Kingdom of Topelcin in the towering peaks.