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Adelor Merrick Niamin - Alarulin


Adelor, when compared to the typical Niamin Fihule, is aberrant. He considers himself to be on an infinite quest to expand his knowledge and understanding of the world; how and why things happen, and because of this he is acutely aware of how fragile the balance of the world truly is (though he tries to his fullest not to be overly concerned with this matter). He does follow the Niamin preference for nonviolence, this especially being shown by his specialization in Protective magic; however, he also recognizes that diplomatic methods are not always effective, one of the reasons why he has partnered himself the Half-Risilve Aelin Lanra. Adelor is curious, always exploring the world around him, and for a while this was a problem: during battle, his curiosity would remain, becoming a mildly dominant characteristic. This would often pose a challenge for his concentration, so he invested a considerable amount of resources to remove curiosity from his mind during battle. His training in this area has resulted in an effective increase in resilience to curious impulses during battle, and has actually sharpened his spatial awareness while concentrating, helpful to keep himself safe while he expends his magic keeping Aelin safe. When encountering someone new, his curiosity morphs into more of a suspicion, as he hasn’t trusted people easily since he met Aelin. (Even though Aelin turned out to be fine, he wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out). He has difficulty giving his complete trust to anyone but Aelin, for a plethora of reasons only Aelin understands. Despite this, it is worth noting that an object of interest such as a flute composed of rare wood can serve to cool his suspicion of others considerably and act as a sort of icebreaker. He commonly finds something he dislikes that’s ingrained in society and goes against it, for example the consumption of dead decaying flesh, hence why he is vegetarian. On a less personality and more skills based note, Adelor is quite knowledgeable about edible plants, and can identify them with little to no hesitation or second guessing.


Adelor Merrick was born in autumn of 489 ES, to Niane Sassaf and Eretier Merrick of the Niamin tribe of Fihule. Two years later his younger sister, Leyara, was born. They grew up among fellow Niamin, in the secluded Niamin home area. At the age of 15, Adelor was approached by a young Aelin, who came up to him and, for lack of better words said "AAAAA BE MY FRIEND", a request which Adelor never granted nor declined. It is evidenced by his later actions; however, that he has come to terms with the fact that Aelin is a friend. When he was 16, he was involved in a terrible accident, and his sister Leyara was killed in an avalanche. Since Adelor had been with her at the time, and was able to survive, he held himself accountable for this unfortunate event. It was even more traumatizing for Adelor that they weren’t able to recover her body until the summer after. This was the catalyst in his internal argument to leave the Niamin hometown and go off on his own adventures with Aelin. For the past few years (since age 17) he has occupied his time by journeying around with Aelin, practicing and strengthening his protective magic, and performing mental exercises to improve his concentration. Even though it was several years ago, he still holds himself responsible for his sister's death. During this time, Adelor and Aelin also became involved in tome production, as they discovered Aelin had a knack for tome writing, and they invested in several tome production operations in Adalga and Fendra. Their business, A&A Tomes, an investment and production firm owned by the two would later prove a useful source of income to maintain their modest lifestyle. In the year 507 ES, at the time of the Reckoning, Adelor and Aelin were in Fendra buying supplies and meeting with a tome specialist. When the Arden invaded, they killed several Arden in their escape of the town before seeking refuge in a nearby forest, before they headed farther south to Adalga. Some time after the Reckoning had ended, he and Aelin were entranced by the music from a lute played by a young man named Tallus, and became part of Tallus’s troupe of journeyers, trying to find ghosts. This led to the events of Heavenbound, and hence will not be discussed here. At some point after the events of Heavenbound, Adelor humiliated himself in a bar in company of the other former Heavenbound troupe members, the princesses, and the keeper Madia. In the year 514EK, Adelor and Aelin were in an Adalgan inn when the Severing occurred, killing Aelin and leaving Adelor with physical damage in the form of paralyzed legs. At this time he befriends a similarly aged Fihule woman named Arenia, about whom little information has been given other than her arm is paralyzed as a result of either the severing or blunt force trauma. Past this point, Adelor’s story has yet to be written.


Adelor primarily uses Protective magic; however, he has experimented with Reach under occasional guidance from Aelin. (And has other basic magical training, of course) Adelor is quite fluent in Protective magic, a fair bit above the average Fihule. He is specifically proficient at fighting in a duo with a mage that has experience in another subsection of Spatial control, protecting them while they attack. He has dabbled in Reach magic occasionally, under guidance from Aelin, but is for the most part satisfied to team with him rather than use Reach on his own.

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Adelor Merrick Niamin

20 (Heavenbound)


Spacial: Protective

Eretier Merrick Niamin (Father)
Niane Sassaf Niamin (Mother)
Leyara Merrick Niamin (Sister)
Aelin Lanra (Best Friend)

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