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Feylen Nelvor Cendrith - Alarulin


Feylen holds a stern, focused countenance oftentimes, constantly being attentive of the world around him wherever he may be. But under his austere composure there belies a compassionate and caring heart for those in need, even if he finds them committing misdeeds. He strives to live his life as his father did with honor and humility, preferring to disappear before anyone can praise him for his deeds. He is a fairly quiet man who thinks before he speaks, preferring one word to be worth a hundred. He will never charge headlong into a situation unless absolutely necessary, utilizing the element of surprise whenever possible to give himself the advantage over his opponent and to quickly efficiently end the conflict. Over the years of various bandits, renegades, and criminals he has faced, Feylen has learned to adapt to many styles of fighting and can switch tactics in a moment should it be necessary. He loves to hunt and hone his skills whenever he is not solving problems, and enjoys the peaceful solitude of the forests over the bustling of towns and cities to reflect on his father and reaffirming his pledge to honor his word.


A man of the wilds from his youth, he was born on the far reaches of a sizable town to a prestigious hunter and the town’s tailor. He learned the arts of hunting, survival, tracking, magic, and medicines from his father, while his mother taught him how to fashion clothing and other necessities with fabrics and materials of all sorts. When he was 17, renegades from the East attacked and burned the village while the villagers made a noble stand, Feylen’s father Feloran leading them. The bloody battle against the renegades was eventually won, but Feloran lost his life in the valiant defense. Feylen inherited his father’s belt, blade, and bow, swearing an oath to honor his father’s sacrifice by carrying on his legacy. He trained for years in the art of combat and advanced medicines, adopting his own style of guerrilla tactics to bring justice from the shadows and fight for those who cannot stand for themselves, as his father gave his life doing. He rode out from his town to seek the land for those that might cry for aid and spread his father’s legacy.


In the years of training he has conducted before and after his father's death, Feylen has primarily focused on mastery of the restorative affinity. Failing to save his father from his wounds in time has given him a drive to focus on this particular affinity all the more. However, he has also taken time to train in the art of heat-based magic, albeit his training is not yet substantial enough to claim expertise on this affinity.

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Feylen Nelvor Cendrith



Spacial: Heat

Feloran Cendrith (Father)
Dyana Cendrith (Mother)
Dexran Ufalo (Family Friend)

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