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Yuuki Historia - Alarulin


Yuuki, also know as Yuu is quiet and shy. He knows a lot of the area due to all of his customers. He becomes very unexpected when he is mocked or threatened. He is very quick and he is very good at sleight of hand, which comes in handy once in a while.


Yuuki Historia was raised by his two parents. His older brother, Silanos, disappeared when Yuu was eight one day and has never come back. Yuu worked hard and when his father passed away, when Yuu was fifteen, due to a disease, Yuu ran the tavern in his father's place. Since those five years, Yuu has left his mother, Amza, to run the tavern in his stead. He uses his fathers silver broadsword, but relies a lot on his magic, taught by his father.


Yuuki uses Reach magic. He specializes in teleportation even though he is agile. He moves around at a quick rate, so his opponent becomes confused of his whereabouts, and when that happens, Yuu finishes his enemy off. He learned his magic from his father when he was young and all that training allowed him to hone his skills.

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Yuuki Historia



Spacial: Reach

Silanos (Brother and missing)

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