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Hivoria Bel'daran Urranda - Alarulin


Hivoria, at a glance, appears to be no more than a child who appears to be permanently tired. She tends to disconnect from reality around her, either failing to finish thoughts or changing topics abruptly. Despite her outward appearance and behaviour, she is remarkably emotional. While the typical observer would see her as naive, blunt, and always disinterested, those who have gotten to know her on a deeper level know that she just wants to understand the world and people around her. Deep down in Hivoria's heart is a desire to be loved, appreciated, and respected; a blessing she was not granted by her family and her home town.


Hivoria was born in one of the outer villages barely out of reach of the tribal conflicts. She showed impressive proficiency in magic at a young age, starting to use it as young as 6 years old. (For reference, the average age for harnessing magic is 9.) After developing this ability so young, her parents immediately tried to push her into learning a very complicated form of magic. In this case, the same ambitious forms and artifacts that were rumored to be studied by Armeil. She was taught that learning this magic would make her stand out and show the world how special she is, which immediately got to her young mind. When her Uncle, Armeil, discouraged her parents from pushing her to do such a thing, Hivoria continued pursuing the magic of her own will anyways out of desire to be appreciated. As a child, Hivoria struggled socially and never truly made any friends due to her oddness. She was difficult to talk to, making it hard to understand her, and as a result few people cared to try. It was because of this that Hivoria tried so hard to harness Armeil's magic of artifacts, much to her own detriment, as this dangerous form of magic would ultimately inflict a disorder upon her that would permanently hinder her capability to use reagents effectively.


Hivoria has incredible magical prowess, being exceptionally skilled in sensory: foresight, and being more than competent with all other forms save for physical. Beyond all else, however, is Hivoria's natural leaning towards sensory magic. She is capable of sensing the emotions of others without even intending to, and her magical signature alone has been known to unintentionally influence the decisions of others prior to her training in Elra. Her weakness, however, lies in that lack of control of both her own magic and herself. She frequently gets carried away while using magic, disregarding potential consequences in favor of the goals of her and her companions. Having said that, it should be reiterated that Hivoria's magic far exceeds that of many trained magicians, never mind ones her own age. For this reason there are many who resent her, or harbor feelings of jealousy towards the talented young mage.

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Hivoria Bel'daran Urranda

10 (Descendants)
12 (Remnants)
13 (Atonement)


Sensory: Foresight

Armeil Bel'daran (Uncle)
Filera Eranor (Best Friend)
Terra (Predecessor)

Skill Level:
Magic (All):
Magic (Affinity):