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Rowan "Aurum" Whitethorn - Alarulin


Rowan is often described as deadly and merciless to those who know him professionally as Aurum, the Golden Assassin. However, Rowan is in truth a very comical person and is extremely kind to those he trusts; especially his pet wolf, Umbra. His reputation precedes him in battle, as he is very skilled in combat and execution of physical: enhancement. Rowan often struggles when it comes to acquainting with Humans and frequently experiences anxiety around them due to the fact his parents were killed by Human bounty hunters years before.


Rowan was born an only child in the middle of a forest to the east of the Highlands. His mother Celaena Whitethorn, a Human experienced in Spacial magic; and his father Chaol Whitethorn, an experienced Half-Risilve hunter with a proficiency in Physical magic, had effectively fled there in hopes of escaping the onslaught of Harmony and the wrath of bounty hunters. Rowan was raised to learn how to fend for himself and use nature to his advantage, which were tasks Rowan took very seriously. Chaol also began to train Rowan at a very young age, and as Rowan grew his skill began to quickly surpass his father's. During his late teenage years, Rowan felt it was finally time for his own personal growth, and on his seventeenth birthday was given the privilege of traveling into the forest on his own. However, the gift was bittersweet. Rowan and his father got into an argument which ended with Rowan dissapearing into the forest for days, striking the first domino that would soon lead to the murder of his parents. Rowan had felt guilty for abandoning his family, and soon began his adventure home. Rowan was not prepared to walk through his front door and witness his father get run through by a bounty hunter, who Rowan's father had attracted the attention of during their frantic searches for Rowan after he had gone missing. Filled with rage, Rowan killed the bounty hunter mercilessly, butchering him with cold efficiency. A part of Rowan died along with his parents that night, and all Rowan could do was what he did best: train. Rowan spent days training, days punching and kicking his anger away. Eventually, Rowan encountered a hetero chromatic wolf pup with a coat glistening like polished steel. The two eventually grew onto each other, and Rowan gifted her the name Umbra. Rowan depended on Umbra, as a friend and a partner. They trained together for months, and she became a skilled asset to Rowan. With his new partner, Rowan decided to remain idle no longer. Rowan held a passion for justice, and he was ready to take action. Together, Umbra and Rowan became known as the living shadow Aurum, a ruthless and talented assassin.


Rowan is fairly skilled with his affinity, Physical, and his near mastery of the ability Enhancement makes him a force to be reckoned with. Rowan considers himself more of a fighter than a support, but this belief has not stopped him from improving mastery of the ability Restoration. Rowan has always been relatively skilled when it comes to magic, even able to occasionally to use Spacial magic in times of severe frustration.

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Rowan "Aurum" Whitethorn



Spacial: Heat

Chaol Whitethorn (Father)
Celaena Whitethorn (Mother)
Umbra (Pet Wolf)

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