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The worlds of the Sixth Circle feature a large cast of characters spanning many generations and even realms. This character database is a way to learn more about the characters who reside within the Circle, including some information that may not be directly stated in the books or novellas.

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Silver MoonStrider Gahlestrin - Alarulin


Silver, for most of the time, is a bit of a recluse when it came to talking to strangers. She’ll usually shy away or try to ignore them if they start talking to her, though a few small acts of kindness would start to break through her shell. She is a little more open to people she is familiar with, though she doesn’t like to talk about her problems with them, believing that they won’t sympathize with her as well as they think. The only person she’ll let herself be open to is Feylen; she trusts him completely and mostly keeps to his side. When it came to hard situations, she’ll oftentimes wander off to think about the situation better; though, sometimes be stewing in it as well. Outside of being social, Silver deeply sympathizes with other’s plights, and will try to do whatever she can indirectly to help them. In the case she comes into a direct situation, she’ll try to stay along the sidelines and give aid however she can. She’s not as good at communicating her words of sympathy to others, so she prefers to let actions speak for her. She usually tries to avoid fights wherever they happen, but she isn’t afraid to step in and help the person indirectly if she can help it. In the case of a fight, Silver will dodge where she can and use anything in her environment to help her escape or otherwise gain the upper hand. She doesn’t like to clash head on, so she’ll instead use her dexterity and speed to use her opponent’s stature and power to her advantage.


Silver spent nine years of her life living in a smaller newborn village near the edge of the Caylon Forest. Though she was always curious about the woods, she was always told never to go there. Her mother, Crystal, was a well known magician to the small community with her Affinity to spacial magic, while her father, Arron, was a simple yet skilled carpenter. Her father and mother crafted and gifted Silver the wooden flute she carries presently. On one tragic night, Silver’s mother and father were killed during a bandit attack on their journey to one of the merchant villages via Caylon, leaving her the only one to escape the flames. She was found the next morning by Elra’s patrolmen and was brought to the city for safety. For a short time, she was placed in the local orphanage to be well taken care of. She was eventually adopted by a kind couple in the city about a few years later and able to live in a warm house, as well as being able to go to school to learn magic as well as basic reading and writing; however, it was not without its own trials living with the couple. Every now and then, Silver would be found talking with some of the beggars who hung around the streets and alleys of the city, even giving what food she had to them. Though she was always taught by her parents to have a kind heart, her adoptive parents didn’t share the same mindset. They tried to explain to her that beggars were always trying to freeload off of others who made a decent living, and that they were homeless for a reason. A few times during her first year living with this family, she was caught smuggling food out to the needy from her own home, and she was punished for it. Nonetheless, Silver continued to ‘give’ food to the younger of the needy for almost a full year. She had stayed with this couple for only about a year, and a calamity struck everyone in Elra. The Reckoning. The initial attack crippled Elra severely, and resulted in murdering Silver’s adopted family. When the dust eventually settled, Silver was left homeless. She was too old to return to the orphanage, and everyone else was already busy tending to their own wounded. The more elderly of the beggars found her and gladly took her under their wing, remembering that she often gave food to them the previous year. Now living among the streets of Elra City, she specialized and used her Reach magic to ‘borrow’ food and reagents when she could and try to distribute it amongst the needy. Two years had passed since the Reckoning, and she was still without a true home. She had become a common thief in Elra, and stole what food she could get her hands on. Every evening, she would climb to one of the rooftops of some of the houses and stare up at the stars above. She would remember her previous lives, and sometimes quietly play her flute for them as well as the children of the poor. Little did she know that one day, at the Eve of the Ephemeral Quarter, her life would change for the better.


During her time living with her adoptive family, she was able to attend the Academy of Magic and learn how to use it. She soon developed an affinity for Spacial magic, specializing in Reach. Though her hold isn't as strong as most others, she can extend, or "reach", out further than most magicians could. After the Reckoning, she wasn't able to learn other kinds of magic or their subsects. Reach became her number one tool when she needed to "borrow" food or the reagents need.

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Silver MoonStrider Gahlestrin



Spacial: Heat

Arron Gahlestrin (Father)
Crystal Marina Gahlestrin (Mother)
Timmy LeafStrap (Friend)
Feylen Cendrith (Friend)

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